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Here you can see examples of my design and illustration work. I have worked extensively and have done graphic design work for many clients across a broad range of industries. I have created visuals, illustrations, and logos for print, web, and broadcast.


Graphic design is important.

Effectively designed visuals help convey a specific message to a targeted audience. When they are well tailored to that audience these images resonate and catch the viewers' attention. Effectively employed, communication design helps sell a product, grab an audience, and get you noticed.

I have designed all manner of web sites, fliers, brochures, invitations, advertisements, and posters for numerous clients in many fields. I know how to combine typography, imagery, icons, and functionality to give viewers the best possible experience while presenting the client's image in the most professional and distinctive manner.

Here you can see examples of my graphic design work.


A picture is worth a thousand words

But they need to be the right words. Visuals dominate our daily lives. They even invade our speech as we "Illustrate our points." Illustrations can help tell a story, sell a product, play a game, or make a statement about the world. In order to be effective they must be well designed, artistically arranged, and expertly presented. That's what I do.

My illustration work spans the gamut. I have illustrated children's books, strategy card games, economic visuals, advertisements, humor, and entertainment.

Here you can see examples of my illustration work.


A good logo tells the world who you are in the blink of an eye

Whether they are purely graphic or logotype-based (using text), logos must be bold, clear and effective. They must, at a glance, tell the audience everything they need to know about you, your event, your business, or anything else you need to brand.

I have designed logos for events, web sites, businesses, awards and have even designed wedding monographs and business cards. I have designed for the private sector, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Here you can see examples of my logo work.


Comics and sequential art tell stories

By their very nature comics are a great medium for conveying information and for story telling. Comics can educate, entertain, sell, persuade, or just amuse.

My comics have always been an important form of self expression. I show some of my early attempts at using the medium.

To See my current work in comics and sequential art check out Last Days

Here you can see examples of my comics illustration work.

If you like my work and would like to commission a piece or hire me for a project, please contact me