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2D Reel

Here's an example of various 2D animations I have done over the past years. Some of it is designed to be instruct students, some of it is professional.

Animation & Sound: Aharon Charnov,

Goldratt Lectures: Thinking Globally

In November, 2011 I created this animation for Goldratt Consulting. The Intent was to create an interesting animated piece to showcase Dr. Goldratt's lecture on how cause and effect factors are not so obvious or well understood. In this lecture, Dr. Eli Goldratt speaks on thinking globally, and on the hazards of doing otherwise. A true thinker, Eli shares his philosophy on how to utilize Cause and Effect thinking, especially in times of trouble - to achieve even better results for businesses.

Animation: Aharon Charnov, Direction and Production: Ilan Eshkoli, Joe Brown Leer
Sound Editing: Noam Shpiegler
Sound Recording: Alon Aharon, Leah Fleishman